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Aerial & Satellite Installations

Members of the CAIIf you're looking for a TV aerial in Northallerton then, with the advent of digital TV it’s never been more important to have a good quality aerial system to avoid potential freezing and pixelation caused by a poor aerial signal. One good quality aerial, when integrated with or without satellite signals through an appropriate amplifier, can feed many rooms with crystal clear pictures. Remote receivers can also be installed to any outlets - this allows the user to change satellite channels from any room connected to the system by remote control.

We can also install and maintain your Sky and freesat satellite dish in Northallerton and surrounding areas. When Sky say a job is too diffficult or not possible give us a try, we can often offer a solution that few would even think of.

We also install and maintain aerial and satellite systems in flats and multiple dwellings.

Flat Screen TV Installations

If you are thinking about the style and extra space gained from having your TV on the wall in Northallerton and surrounding areas, we offer a full installation service of TV‘s including flat to the wall, tilting and swing-out brackets, It’s important to fit the correct bracket not only for the TV but also a bracket suitable for your wall. Soundbars can also be wall mounted for enhanced audio performance. Cables need to be appropriate for the TV. All connection leads can vary greatly in quality and we can supply and install high quality at affordable prices. At JB Custom Installs we offer a free* estimate to cost out your particular requirements - please call for more information.

* within a 30 mile radius of Northallerton

Home Cinema & Audio Systems

Looking for a Home Cinema installation in Northallerton or surrounding areas? Home Cinema systems are becoming increasingly popular with entire rooms being dedicated to produce the complete audio visual experience until recently only experienced in newer cinemas. We install everything from large TVs to 4K UHD projectors and screens these systems can then be integrated with your own television equipment. It’s possible to link these systems to speakers in your bathroom, bedroom, kitchen, swimming pool and patio areas, in fact its possible to connect as many rooms as you like including the garden. We supply and fit whole house audio systems by Sonos and others, with speakers by Blucube, Polk and Kef. The audio can be controlled by keypads, iPhone and iPad. At JB Custom Installs we offer a free* site survey and estimate to cost out your particular requirements - please call for more information.

* within a 30 mile radius of Northallerton


Closed Circuit TV Systems (CCTV) have developed to such an extent as to be affordable for any home or business in Northallerton and surrounding areas and can be integrated into your aerial amplifier system so as to be viewed in any room with a TV. When linked to a digital recorder with a hard drive facility the pictures can be recorded continuously even when you are away, 24 hours a day. You can even view your cameras from anywhere in the world, in full high definition quality as long as you have a WiFi connection, on iPhone, iPad or Android.

Telephone and Broadband

At J.B. Custom Installs we can repair or extend you telephone system for Sky, broadband or just your telephone. Cat. 6 cable extensions for hard wired internet connection throughout your home. Wireless router extenders can be installed to allow WiFi connectivity throughout your home with no more annoying dead spots and signal drop outs.  Cable testing also available.

HD Distribution

Want to watch Sky, BT or Virgin in another room of the house in full High definition and 4K UHD quality with out extra costly subscriptions, at JB Custom Installs we can distribute video to multiple rooms in  your house with no drop in quality and full control of the device with a HDMI distribution system.